Bookkeeping and Management Reporting Solutions for Deprived Health Facilities in Ghana under a PharmAccess Foundation sponsored Project.

Under the African Health Markets for Equity (AHME) partnership that works towards increasing the access of the poor to priority health services and technologies in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, ECS has been contracted by PharmAccess Foundation-Ghana since April 2017 to provide training and post-training support services with its Excel-based EasyBooks® Accounting Software to selected Maternity Homes, Clinics and Hospitals in Ghana.

The EasyBooks®Accounting Software has been designed and developed by ECS with the focus on ease of usage, and users do not need to have any knowledge in Accounting. It is user-friendly and easily adaptable to suit client’s specific requirements.

Bookkeeping and Management Reporting Solutions

The Midwife/Facility Owner of Godly Shepherd Maternity Home at Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana making bookkeeping entries into the EasyBooks® software under the supervision of the Software Consultant (Stephen Damete-Yeboa) under the PharmAccess-Foundation sponsored project.